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Our Story

We are people who suffered from a disorganized kitchen

Like most adults, whether we love to or not, we have to cook on a daily basis. We feel pain when everything is scattered around the kitchen counter and we have to cut the vegetables in a small corner, or rummage through the cabinet every time for a crucial spice for the meal… Or the food is waiting for us in a pan to stir, but we just can’t locate the utensils in time! That’s why we questioned, “What can make our kitchen bigger, when we can’t move into an apartment with a larger kitchen?” “How can we keep everything tidy, when we have 81 bottles and bags of sauce and spices in our kitchen?” No joke, I counted them!

Vertical Storage Space - the solution

Well, if those are the questions you also always ask yourself, then the best answer we’ve found is to take advantage of the space of the air, in other words, you need to add Vertical Storage Space. For example, you could use drawer dividers, buy tall and narrow cabinets and shelves, mount racks on the wall, etc. The more vertical space you add for different categories of kitchen utensils and tools, the neater your kitchen will be.

Inspired by people like you

We have to admit, organizing was never our hobby. We only fell in love with kitchen organizing, because of the tangible benefits it provided us: more space to store appliances, less hassle and panic during cooking prep, and a tidier kitchen to entertain without embarrassment! All the products in the Kitidy store are products we personally found useful, and we love the help that they provide. At Kitidy, we want to introduce these products to you and help people like us by solving your kitchen space and organizing issues, and turn your kitchen tidy!
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