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2 Options for Installation

2 Options for Installation



WARNING – Our manufacturer has advised us that the superglue included in your package is experimental, and has not been yearly proven by customers to stay on the wall for an extended period of time. We have noticed complaints from international customers of this product that the experimental superglue method can fail, and we cannot verify if those customers followed all of the instructions incorrectly, or if it can fail for other reasons (such as excessive moisture and heat within the home). We have left the superglue and instructions in the package for those of you who do not wish to or cannot drill or screw holes into your kitchen walls, and have no other option to install a wall rack.

We recommend you to use the drilling (screw) method in your kitchen if you can, and only use the experimental super-glue method if you have lighter items to hang up and choose to take your own risk. We provide you tools for both of these methods. Please follow the instructions sheet strictly.

Important notes for the super-glue method:

  • Please make sure your wall is absolutely clean and dry before you glue the wall-mount bracket on the wall.
  • Please make sure you wait at least 72 hours before putting the rack onto the wall-mount bracket, after you glue the wall-mount bracket on the wall.  

 Click here to watch the video instructions for the superglue method.

 Click here to watch the video instructions for the screw and anchor method.


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